Winter. It doesn’t have to suck anymore.

There’s more than a few of us that ride fat bikes that used to dread the onset of winter, but now we look forward to it. A fat bike will change your relationship with Mother Nature. You’ll come to dream about fresh snow falling while ripping through the woods with your friends. The beauty of a cold, crisp winter day. Post-ride shenanigans. Join the fat bike community and discover winter again.

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We’ve got a little bit of everything!

Since each of our event venues is a little bit different than each other the Snow Crown Series has something for everyone. Want to ride on the beach next to Lake Michigan? We’ve got it. Tube down a hill in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula? We’ve got it. Go as fast as you can on wide-open ski trails. Yep, we’ve got that too.


Our events are friendly, fun and exciting!

Sure, you get a number plate, and we call it a race but as we like to scream “It just doesn’t matter!” We want you to come to a Snow Crown event with one goal: smiles for miles.

Whether you participate in a team relay or race head-to-head against your friends for bragging rights, the only thing that matters is if you had a smile on your face. Join us for the most fun you can (legally) have in the winter, because whipping donuts in the parking lot is discouraged by the man.

The Snow Crown Series, now in its 8th year, is one of the longest-running fat bike events in the country.

Your first one is free!

Our events are for everyone!

Wether you just got into riding a fat bike or you’re the North American Fat Bike Racing Champion, riders of all skill levels have fun at the Snow Crown series. From our humble beginnings in Manitowoc, WI eight years ago to our current 4-race series in WI & MN we’re the midwest’s best race series with the most snow.

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